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Justice and Truth for Homa and Tajala

On 29.02.2020, 38-year-old Homa Zaher and her 9-year-old daughter Tajala were murdered in their apartment in Berlin-Marzahn. The Zaher family - the husband and father, a social worker in Afghanistan, his wife Homa, an English teacher, and their common and only daughter, Tajala, fled from Afghanistan to Germany in 2014. They wanted to live a safe and normal life in Germany. Their lives were destroyed in the most brutal way. The cruel femicides have shaken family, friends and many solidaric activists in Berlin.

The Homa and Tajala Aufklärungsinitiative was formed a few days after the femicides, out of the urgency to support the family and friends. Together we organized a mourning march for Homa and Tajala on March 7, 2020. Hundreds of people walked together through Marzahn to the home of the murdered. People of the Afghan community traveled from all over Germany to Berlin in order to take part.

Since then we have been demanding a full investigation of these cruel murders. Due to the testimonies we have listened to, we demanded that the police investigate in all possible directions.

In late March 2020, an Afghan neighbor from the same apartment building was arrested. According to the police, he is the alleged perpetrator. The trial has been ongoing since September 2020. As an initiative, we attend and document the court dates. With each court session it becomes clearer how negligent the police investigated this case. The investigating authorities have been treating this case as a second class one. The court rejects any criticism of the investigation and tries to cover up the poor investigative work of the police. Countless unanswered questions remain in this trial, and despite the lack of clarification, the court now wants to close the case.

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the femicides of Homa and Tajala, we organized a memorial event in Bürgerpark Marzahn on 28.02.2021. A memorial stone was placed on site. The faces of Homa and Tajala were engraved on the stone as well as the words "In our hearts you live on" in Dari and in German. Only a few weeks later, the memorial stone was destroyed by unknown persons. We as an initiative continue to fight for the establishment of a memorial for Homa and Tajala Zaher.